…behold as Life is called forth from the chaos and primordial ooze of the Suburbs!

The unChurch is a small community of Jesus-followers who deliberately love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength.


We try to live out the grace of Jesus Christ, putting one anothers' lives above our own. We lift each other up, and we humble ourselves through service and surrender. The aim of this communion and kinship is to share the hope and joy of the Good News of Jesus with the world around us. The essence of the unChurch is faithfully living now in the Kingdom of God, the place where heaven and earth overlap. That "place" is where faith acts out in love.


Jesus said “the kingdom of God is at hand.” We live to make God's kingdom as real on the earth as it is in heaven. A new world is dawning. A new way of seeing, a new way of thinking, and a new way of living…a new way of being human. Jesus calls us to follow him, not Man's rule book.


Loving is the foundation of knowing God, because God is love. So we "throw our lives in together". For real. We share meals and prayers, hopes and fears, wins and losses. And we throw open our collective life for all to see and share.